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Image by lanzu ln
Image by lanzu ln


Many plants can be used as natural healing agents. Humans have been using plants for centuries to aid the body's physical and mental healing processes. We draw upon the wisdom of modern and ancient researchers to ensure safety and nourishment to help you feel healthy, healed + whole. 

SEEDS: DNA + life-containing energy storage, created in the end of a season of one plant to bring new life in another, germinate in the moisture + darkness of soil


ROOTS: protected in the safety of soil,  soak up + gather precious resources required for growth, provide stability for the plant

LEAVES: facilitate photosynthesis, store nutrients


 FLOWERS: attract pollinators and play a reproductive role




Our guiding principles inform the choices we make when choosing our plant sources.  We hand-harvest and source plants from local farms and apothecaries. 


Sourcing locally supports our neighbors and puts money back into our local community.  Creating relationships with the people + places we harvest and source our plants from is paramount in order to build our community and create peace of mind for our customers. Our customers can find peace in products that are non-toxic, nourishing, and regenerative of the land + the community. 


We are committed to partnering with those that are in ethical relationships with the land, plants + individuals that cultivate nature's healing agents.

Image by Yoksel 🌿 Zok
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